How to Copy your Mozilla Thunderbird Email Profile to a New Computer?

| Published: November 21, 2019 | Email Backup, Email Migration

Nowadays, it is very common trait to move database from one platform to another. Reason may be vary but the practice and motive is same. However it is not an easy task as different email clients supports different formats. There are many ways available through which you can move your database from one place to another although most of them provide partial solution. Get instant solution of Thunderbird to PDF Migration by clicking on below given download button.

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Thunderbird is a desktop based email application developed by Mozilla Foundation. Primarily an email client, it also facilitate user to manage their personal info contacts, calendars, tasks, journal, briefcase etc. Mozilla Thunderbird is a very popular application but in case you want to move its database to any other application or machine then you might face some problem. Mozilla Thunderbird doesn’t provide any option for transferring data. You have to use any other application or way to perform this conversion. So keep reading this blog to know how to copy your Mozilla Thunderbird email profile to a New Computer accurately and in better way.

Methods to Move Mozilla Thunderbird Profile to New Computer

  • Move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer Manually
  • Automatic Method to Copy Mozilla Thunderbird Profile to New Computer

Queries: How to Copy your Mozilla Thunderbird Email Profile to a New Computer

Hello, I bought a new PC as my old one got some issues and I used Thunderbird in my old system. Now I want to move all my Thunderbird Profile emails to my new Computer. Recently I used manual method which I found on some sites but I lost some of my important file. Thank god! I have created backup of all these files as the method seems risky to me. So now I want a trustworthy and reliable solution to move copy my Mozilla Thunderbird email profile to my new computer. Please recommend me any such tool which best suits my need.

Move Thunderbird Profile to New Computer Manually

Using manual method you can move Thunderbird email Profile to New computer by converting them into PDF format first than transfer them into New Computer with the help of any external device. Before starting let we discuss some of the limitation that the manual method involves.

  • It is not capable of moving attachments to the PDF file format. Through Manual method you can move only Thunderbird emails.
  • The method involves lots of technical terms which is hard to be understandable by any non-technical background user. So if you belongs to any such sector, we suggest you to not to opt this method as it may be risky affair for you.

Follow these steps to move Thunderbird emails through Manual Method

Step 1. In the very first step, open Thunderbird mailbox and select all the messages by ctrl + A.

Step 2. Next, go to menu bar and left click on File then choose Save selected messages.

Step 3. Now it will show you several file formats, you have to choose PDF format from the list of Save selected messages.

Step 4. Finally choose destination path in which you want to save the resultant pdf files.

Step 5. Now with the help of any external devices extract these PDF files and copy them to New Computer.

Benefits of Transferring files in PDF format

  • Files can be protected by password: – In PDF format files are password protected. It provide facility of securing files of utmost importance with password. If you are carrying some crucial Database then this feature is blessing for you.
  • Supports all Operating System: – PDF files can be accessed on all Operating system. These file formats can be shared/opened on PC or Mac or any mobile Operating System such as IOS or Android.
  • Widely Accepted: – You cannot find any corner of the world where these documents are not accepted or used. These documents are acceptable in almost all fields/sector. These documents cannot be manipulated easily.
  • Easy to Manage: – PDF files are portable in nature and it can be maintained easily without any maintenance cost.
  • Compressed Big Sized Files: – If you have large sized database and also you are working with low space then PDF format is ideal for you. PDF format compressed the big sized files into small one.

Automatic Method to Copy Mozilla Thunderbird Profile to New Computer

Thunderbird Converter is the best solution available which makes the process of conversion so effortless and provide you instant solution of how to copy your Mozilla Thunderbird email profile to a New Computer. The software supports conversion in both hard drive file formats and cloud based formats. But when it comes to transferring data to New PC, PDF format is always better than any other format. It is a desktop based application which supports all Windows operating system of 32 bit and 64 bit. The software overcomes all the limitation of Manual method and stand out as winner.

There are various reasons which makes it worthy solution to adopt for copying Thunderbird email profile to new PC.

  • Thunderbird Converter is an advance utility which provide you various advance filters such as date, to, from, subject so that you can easily move Thunderbird emails to desirable file formats.
  • It supports selective migration which is necessary feature for all those user who doesn’t want to copy whole Thunderbird profile. They can select each mail folder separately according to their requirement.
  • The software supports all version of Windows such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.
  • The software is designed in such a way that it has user friendly graphical interface. It is not mandatory to have expertise in technical field to operate this software which is necessity condition in Manual method.
  • When you choose PDF format in which you want to transfer Thunderbird email then it offers you multiple option for saving attachments in pdf file format.
  • Thunderbird Converter also offer multiple file naming combination so that user can save the resultant files according to date, sender address or receiver address.
  • The software is an independent utility which doesn’t require any other third party application to depend upon. It is not required to install Thunderbird in your system to get perform the conversion.
  • You don’t need to bother about email formatting as the software maintains all the properties and Meta formatting of Thunderbird emails while performing the conversion. Also you will not find any change in folder structure and folder hierarchy after migration process.

How to Move Thunderbird Email to New Computer using the Automated Solution?

Step 1: Download and launch Thunderbird Converter in your system.

Step 2: Click on File mode or folder mode to load Thunderbird mailbox in the software.

Step 3: After loading entire Thunderbird mailbox, it will show preview of all the email folder present in the default Thunderbird profile.

Step 4: Now choose PDF as Output option to save your Thunderbird emails in PDF format.

Step 5: Next click on Set Filters option to apply all the filters that you need.

Step 6: Further select desirable file naming combination in which you want to save your resultant pdf files.

Step 7: Apply advance PDF option for saving attachments in PDF file format and click on Save button to apply changes.

Step 8: Next Browse for the destination path in which you want to save your PDF files in the desktop.

Step 9: After filling all the required details, click on Export button to start the conversion process.

Step 10: Once the conversion is completed, a message box opens with a message “Conversion Completed”. Click on Ok button to move forward.

Step 11: Finally the software provide you backup summary with each and every detail such as starting time and date, destination path, saving output, status etc. click on Save report to save the backup report in CSV format.


In this blog we provide you two ways through which you can get quick solution of how to copy your Mozilla Thunderbird email profile to a New Computer. If you want to backup only Thunderbird emails and not attachments then use Manual Method but if you want a backup complete data then use Thunderbird Converter. To know more about the software working download Thunderbird to PDF Converter demo version which facilitate copy of up to 20 Thunderbird items/folder to PDF format for free of cost.