Office 365 Migration Steps [Complete Procedure]

| Published: October 9, 2019 | Cloud Backup, Email Backup, Email Migration

Office 365 Migration is the activity to save data into more advanced cloud applications. Office 365 application has many amazing features but most of the users of Office 365 application maintain their data into various cloud-based applications so that they can get access to all important data from anywhere. The biggest reason to migrate Office 365 account data is to take backup of all data in various accounts of other email applications.

Office 365 Migration steps can be followed through the utilization of Office 365 Converter which is designed to make this process easier and convenient for all users. You can operate this advanced software without the knowledge of this kind of technical procedure.

Manual Process to Migrate Office 365 Data

Now, many readers think that why we should not follow the manual procedure. Because manual procedure is not reliable for Office 365 data migration as this includes circumstances where the probability of loss occurrence is much high. All users cannot follow manual Office 365 Migration steps as this require professional knowledge. Lengthy procedure makes this process harder and sometimes becomes impossible to understand all procedural steps.

Advanced Benefits of Office 365 Migration Tool

With the use of Office 365 migration tool, you can easily migrate data from Office 365 account to various applications like Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server, and other cloud-based email clients. This software has many features which may help you to process your data according to your requirement. It has filtration sections through which you can save data as per the required date and other header information like from, to and subject. Office 365 migration steps of this software can easily relate to each other and has efficiency to migrate all data through the one-time processing way. This software can migrate data with the same structure as they appeared before the migration process. No details can be saved in the software and cannot save any login credentials which is entered when the process is going on.

Steps for Office 365 Data Migration

Step 1. Install Office 365 Converter on any Windows Operating System.

Step 2. From the very first window of this software, you can choose that application (Office 365) from which you want to migrate data into other applications through the help of the Select Email Source section.

Step 3. Now, you have to enter the login credentials of the selected app.

Step 4. Then move towards the Backup section which allows you to select destination application. You can choose Gmail, G Suite, etc. as your destination account and after that enter all required information on such account.

Step 5. Through the help of Options for Selective Backup section, you can go with the exact filtration option which can help you to migrate only desired data from Office 365 account.

Step 6. Click on the Backup button through which you can start the process of migration and then wait for the migration procedure completion.

Through the above Office 365 migration steps, you can understand the whole working process. This software allows you to perform this process on any Windows OS as it is completely compatible with Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and all remaining Windows OS. Through this software, you can also perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration process as it allows the user to select the Office 365 application as the destination account.


From the above discussion, every user can understand the Office 365 migration steps and can transfer Office 365 data without any data loss. You can get the help of the Demo edition to better understand the processing way. This version of software is free to all users and can work on any Windows OS. For the whole migration procedure, you have to purchase the licensed version through which you can perform a complete migration process.