How to Transfer data from Gmail Account to Office 365 Accurately?

| Published: November 22, 2019 | Cloud Backup, Email Backup, Email Migration

Summary: Are you seeking for a reliable tool to get instant solution of how to transfer data from Gmail account to Office 365 accurately? If you nodded your head in yes then this blog completely belongs to you. Read this blog till end to accumulate knowledge about the efficient tool i.e. Gmail to Office 365 Tool or you can download it by clicking on Download link.

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Gmail we all know a very popular email client is used by large portion of the world’s population. It is used on both individual level and organizational level. Gmail provides storage of 15 GB to store all your data. If your data extend over this limit you will not able to store more. So it is always better to make a backup of all the Gmail emails for such situation. Office 365 on the other hand is a cloud based application which provide you more storage space than Gmail. Also as it is an application of Microsoft, it comes with complete package which includes 60 Skype min per month, one drive storage, Ms Office etc. Transferring Gmail profile to Office 365 is proved to be advantageous for you and your business. But unless you don’t know the right way to perform the migration you will not succeeded in it. Don’t worry we provide you an efficient solution that solve your problem in a very sophisticated way.

Gmail to Office 365 Tool – A Smart Solution

Gmail to Office 365 Tool is an efficient third party solution which gives you complete solution of how to transfer data from Gmail account to Office 365. The advance utility comes with various unique features which is very helpful for users and saves their lots of time. The software comes in different packages to fulfil users need differently. The tool is a pocket friendly utility which provides you solution in budget and doesn’t made hole in your pocket. Gmail to Office 365 tool is a desktop based application which is accessible on all Windows machine such as 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Windows vista, Windows XP etc. Being an independent application, the software doesn’t require any other application to depend on. The software gives you solution in just few minutes.

Implement these steps to transfer data from Gmail account to Office 365

Step 1: Download Gmail to Office 365 Tool and launch it in your system.

home screen

Step 2: Choose Gmail from the list of Select Email Source to transfer data from Gmail account.

Scan & Formatted Scan

Step 3: Now enter login details of Gmail account such as Email address and Password. Click on Login button to move forward.

scanning process

Step 4: When you click on login button, the software load all the mailboxes present in the account and start showing preview of all the mail folders found in the left panel.

load gmail folders

Step 5: Next choose Office 365 as output option in the list of Select saving option and fill login details of Office 365 admin account.

Browse for Folder

Step 6: Apply the following filters according to your need.

  • Date Filter: To transfer Gmail data of certain date range.
  • To/From Filter: To transfer data of specific sender or receiver address.
  • Subject: To transfer data which contain particular words and phrases in the subject.

advanced gmail filters

Step 7: Now tick the mailboxes according to your requirement and then click on Backup Button to start the conversion process.

Select Folders Sub-Folders

Step 8: Just when you click on Backup button, the software start the transfer process and shows live conversion status.

Export Process

Step 9: Finally a notepad Windows open with complete backup details. If you want to save backup report in TXT format, go to menu bar and click on File>> then Save as option.

Final Files

Why automated solution is better than manual method?

Gmail to Office 365 is way better than all the other solution available. Manual method involves lots of limitation which is overcome by automated method.

  • It is not necessary to have technical expertise in to operate the third party application. It has user friendly graphical interface which makes it easier to be operated by any naïve user irrespective of their background. On the other hand Manual method is suitable for only technical background users.
  • The software provide various advance filters such as to, from, subject and date which saves lots of crucial time of users. Users don’t have to waste the time in selecting each mail separately. Which is not in the case of manual method.
  • During Conversion process, the software maintains all the properties and Meta formatting of emails. It means after conversion you will not find any change in header, text size, font, hyperlinks, email formatting, time stamps. Also the folders are transferred in same hierarchy as it is before.


In this blog we provide you a quick solution to solve your query how to transfer data from Gmail account to Office 365 effortlessly and efficiently. We also explain you how the advance Email Backup Tool is better than any other solution. Read the blog with utmost focus and analyse the method. I assured you will not regret your decision of choosing Gmail Backup Tool.